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Andy Horide

I’m an Osteopath based in Exeter in Devon. I use my spare time to research new studies and innovations that may benefit my patients. I will write articles, make YouTube Videos and write a newsletter to makes these discoveries more accessible. 

Thanks for visiting my website!

My name is Andy, and I am an Osteopath based in Devon. I have always had a strong curiosity and enjoyment in finding new information. I try and then use this new knowledge to better my patient’s lives and my own. I thought, why not share this information with a broader audience. I am interested in what we can objectively know so my content will always try and have a research-based underpinning. I hope you find something on this website to better your life.

Contact me

1. By email – I will always reply to all email, although sometimes it may take me a few days.  This is a good way of contacting me if you question or query is fairly lengthy.

2. Facebook messenger – for quick short questions you can visit my Facebook page for the Movement Project. Just type Movement Project in Facebook search bar and it will come up. Also you can like the page as I will post my content on that page as well.

3. I would be always very happy to meet up, as I love to chat in person. Thursdays is normally a good for me so let me know and we can arrange to go for coffee.

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